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8 ‘why do dogs’ questions and answers

by cartinger21   ·  7 months ago   ·  

We all know that dog is man’s best friend. Can you imagine life without them? No one can! Over recent times, pet dogs have become an important part of our day to day life. But have you ever wondered what is actually going on in your dog’s head when the do a certain activity? Ever wondered what do certain actions performed by them mean? We all sure have a lot of questions in our head. Here are 8 ‘why do dogs’ questions and their answers.




1) Why do dogs lick?

We all know that dogs licking themselves is basically a way for them to clean themselves. Also, their saliva contains mind antibacterial properties which help them to clean off the area around the wound and ease the pain. If your dog is licking a body part too much, it means that the part is either very dirty or is hurting.

Also, we have noticed that dogs often lick their owners. This is because they might be trying to tell you something or bring your attention to a certain place or topic. Licking is also their way of saying sorry when they think they have made you upset.

Dogs also lick their owner when the are craving their favorite treat!


2) Why do dogs eat grass?

At some point of your pet parenting, life, you must have seen your dog eating grass. Why does he do that?


Grass contains fiber. When your dog feels that his body is lacking fiber, they tend to eat grass. Also, it is highly noticed that they eat grass when their stomach is upset. If you notice that your dog is eating grass all of a sudden, pay attention to their diet. If you notice anything unusual, you should contact your vet immediately.


But don’t worry! Many times they eat grass just cause they like the taste of it. Grass eating is usually not a risk for dogs, but you should keep an eye on them.


3) Why do dogs howl?

Ever wondered why do dogs howl? Howling is a form of communication in dogs. It is often observed that dogs howl at night. The world is usually a bit quieter at midnight, sounds are better-heard even from further afield, especially if the wind is travelling within the right direction.


Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will sometimes bark or howl at night; this is often because they’ll be left alone downstairs whilst you visit bed.


Interestingly, this goes back to their ancestry. If they’re accustomed being in a very pack and suddenly, they’re on their own, are they trying to locate the remainder of their pack? Wolves are inherently cooperative (even more so than the domestic dog).


If you notice any anxiety behavior in your pet dog, you should contact your vet immediately.


4) Why do dogs wag their tail?

The most common reason for a dog to wag its tails is when they are happy. Dogs tend to display their happiness and excitement by wagging their tail. Observe your dog’s tail when you bring in their favorite toy or when you offer them their favorite treats. 


It is also noticed that they wag their tail to communicate with their owner and also give them a clue about what they are feeling at the moment. Cute, right?


5) Why do dogs bark at cars?

One of the prime reason that dogs bark at cars is because of the noise. Dogs can hear the noise of high frequencies and when a vehicle comes to speed, the noise tends to scare them, which makes them bark at the car and chase it. This is their way of a reaction to a potential threat.


Another reason why dogs bark and chase cars is that they just want to play! When they are in playful mood, they like to chase cars and bark at them just for fun. But it is very risky as they can come in contact with the car and hurt themselves. So the owners must take proper care of their pet dogs.


6) Why do dogs bury bones?

This behavior is basically an instinct in dogs. They are known to bury their most special things to keep it away from others who might take it away from them. Usually, they are very protective of such things and do not let anyone near the place where the items are buried.


If you see a dog burying food items, it means they are saving it for future consumption. Don’t worry if your pet dog is burying food items, it’s natural and in their behavior to do such things.


7) Why do dogs roll in the grass?

At times during your evening walks with your dog, do you notice them rolling in the grass all of a sudden? Ever wondered why do they do that? 


Again, this instinct is inherited by them from their ancestors. Most of the dogs roll on the grass to get rid of unwanted smells from their body. This is their way to clean themselves and as mush as gross it sounds, it is true!


Also at times, they roll on grass when they feel itchy. So if you notice your dog constantly scratching and rolling, you should give him a good bath and if the itchiness still continues, you should consult your vet.


8) Why do dogs hump?

Humping is a sign of sexual arousal in dogs. The most frequent reason of humping in dogs is that they do it when they are aroused and ready to mate. If you see such conditions in your male dog who is young and unspayed, you should consult your vet about the same and decide whether you want to mate your pet dog or not.


Recently it has observed that dogs also tend to hump if they are really excited to see a person and they may also do it to display dominance. If you want to stop your dog humping, you should consult your vet for the same.


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