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Types of Shirts for men

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Every man deserves to be a Gentleman by the way they present themselves. Irrespective a man is a office goer, a businessman or out for a vacation, he deserves to be well verse with different types of shirts available in the market. You might think why shirts are an important factor? Right? See, in my opinion shirts are a factor that do highlight the entire personality of a man. Along with that shirts are an eye-catching factor in a man’s entire attire that brings about a sense of self confidence in a man’s attitude. So don’t you think it is the right time to buy various types of shirts available in the market?

 One of the best part about shirts is that it comes in so many variation that it can be  worn for a party, a social gathering, a cricket match and many more occasion. Coming in with so many variations, shirts are undoubtedly one of the most versatile clothing out there.

In my opinion every man commits a simple mistake while shopping. When a man goes out for shopping, majority of times a man gets so much intrigued by variety of shirts available in the market that he either always ends up being confused or buying something they usually don’t need to buy. And at many times a man ends up buying 2-3 shirts of quite similar times. 

Don’t you think life should be something full of variety? And in case of shirts don’t worry. I’ll bring you some elegant types of shirts that you would definitely crave to buy.

Different types of shirts

1. Denim Shirt

Denim shirt in my opinion is an addition to men’s masculinity. These Denim shirts can be paired up with casual jeans as well with a blazer for a semi formal look. These denim shirts are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and wear it with an appropriate loafers/slip on shoe. Hence walk out in style by wearing these super stylish denim shirts.

2. Short Sleeve Shirt

I would suggest your these short sleeve shirt which are being perceived as “ COOL” in the market as these shirts  comes with a perfect fit around your body and can be worn with/ without tucking it. These shirts are very trendy during summers and especially when you pair these casual shirts with shorts or a fit chinos, trust me you’ll have a look quite eye pleasing for everyone. One Suggestion: Avoid wearing these shirts with a suit and make sure these shirts aren’t too tight around your chest and biceps. So there you go! You are ready to leave a fashionable charm on everyone!

3. Formal Shirt

If you are amongst office goers, then these formal shirts are highly recommended for you as it’s really wise to wear a formal shirt around a corporate environment. Make sure your formal shirts are tailored fit and not slim fit to ensure a level of comfortability while wearing them. And in my opinion, nothing can match the smooth, classy appearance of a formal shirt when tucked in with a trouser to bring a unique charm to your attire. I feel that a smooth, classy formal shirt adds confidence to your corporate attitude and hence it’s quite beneficial to invest in such shirts.

4. Tuxedo Shirt

Are you a bored of dull, cliche shirts and want to try something different? I’m pretty sure then this tuxedo shirt would be way beyond perfect for you as these shirts come with a charming appearance  and are meant to be paired under a tuxedo jacket. These shirts are normally paired with a bow tie/formal tie but I would personally recommend you to try this shirt with a bow instead of a tie. A Perfect Shirt for a Perfect Gentleman!

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