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Tips for bathing a dog

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

If you ask any pet owner about their dog’s relationship with showers, you’d get only one answer, ‘they hate it’. The rivalry between dogs and showers is eternal, but it is very important to bathe your dog as your dog spends a lot of time playing in the open and getting dirty. This can give rise to bad body odor and also can cause skin infections in dogs. Most pet owners are not familiar with the way of bathing a dog.


 It is very important for a pet owner to know about how and when they should bathe their dog. But we all know that most of dog owners face difficulties while bathing their dog. This is mostly because dogs are naturally scared of water. So here are some tips for bathing your dog efficiently at home.


1) Pre-bathing measures


First of all, you need to decide where do you want to bathe your dog. For small dogs, a sink is a good place, but if you have a big dog it won’t fit in the sink, you need to have a bathtub for that.


If you have a lawn, you can even consider to bathe your dog outdoors. Whatever location you choose must be comfortable for both you and your dog.


Water Temperature

It is very important to check the water temperature before bathing your dog. Too much hot water can result in skin burning while too much cold water can result in your dog catching a cold. The water temperature should be comfortable for your dog and should neither be too hot or too cold.



It is advisable to brush your dog’s coat before giving him a bath. This will help in removing ticks and fleas from your dog’s coat and also will help in removing the hair tangles. Brushing before a bath will ease the bathing process. Using this foodie puppies hairbrush for dogs with long hair is recommended.


Making your dog comfortable

Your dog getting scared of having a bath is natural. It is your duty to make your dog comfortable before giving him a bath. You can do this by giving him a treat of his choice, playing with him or giving him a head massage (dogs love that).

Pro tip: Feeding dog treats before a bath helps your dog to calm down and be comfortable.

Get the Essentials

It is advisable to get all the Essentials you need to bathe your dog beforehand as it will help you save time during and after the bath. Essentials can range from dog towels, dog shampoo, sponge etc. If you are planning to bathe your dog outdoors, make sure you have a bucket and a vessel with you.


Precautionary measures

Before bathing your dog, make sure you have cotton balls placed in his ear to stop water from entering it. Also, it is advisable to remove your dog’s collar and his belt before bathing.

2) Bathing your dog

Wetting the coat

Once you are done taking precautionary measures, it is time to wet your dog’s coat. Make sure you wet your dog’s coat completely as well as the belly area. Once you are done with it, it’s time to apply shampoo!


Applying shampoo

Now, it is advisable to apply shampoo using a sponge as it is easy and it spreads easily throughout the coat. Make sure that you are using a proper dog shampoo and not a normal one, as dog shampoos are specially made taking into consideration their bathing needs. It is very important to massage the shampoo into your dog’s coat. Do not apply the shampoo directly on your dog’s face as it can enter his eyes and cause irritation. Clean your dog’s face with a wet cloth and his eyes, ears, nose and mouth area neatly and cautiously. Some recommended shampoos which are safe and effective for your dog are Captain Zack shampoo, Himalaya Erina shampoo. Wahl four in one shampoo has also proven very effective.


Rinse your dog

It is very important to remove all the shampoo from your dog’s body by washing him cleanly and thoroughly. Make sure you wash his coat properly, as the residue of shampoo can cause skin irritation. Make sure you wash his belly region and private area neatly. After rinsing, it’s time to dry your dog.


Drying your dog

It is advisable to use a good towel to dry your dog. Start with his face and make sure you clean his ears and area around his eyes first. Then move towards your dog’s back and pat him dry. Make sure you clean his belly area and the area around his private parts properly and neatly as water residue can cause skin irritation. You can also use hair dryer to dry your dog, but never point the hair dryer toward your dog’s face as it can cause burning sensation in his eyes.


3) Post-bathing care

Brushing your dog’s coat after a bath is a good practice. Also, don’t forget to treat him for being a good boy! Some of the tasty treats loved by dogs are Pedigree Dentastix (good for dental care too), Choostix dog treat (promotes healthy teeth and gums) and Choostix biskies (can be used as a training reward). Hence all this will help your dog get rid of all the unnecessary odour.


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