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Sony Playstation 4

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Sony Playstation 4 has been one of the iconic creations by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was introduced in 2013 and since then Playstation 4 has still been in trend and one of the most demanded product in the market. Thanks to Sony Entertainment for their valuable creation that totally changed the defination of gaming for years. PS4 has come with a user friendly interface. Sony introduced a totally different PS4 console that revolutionized the gaming industry.


PS4 has been the most superior version of PS3. Sony Playstation 4 comes with a sleek designed console and its dual shock controllers have been undoubtedly the best controllers introduced by Sony. Ps4 console comes with an HDMI port and an optical port. It is also provided with a CD drive and two USB connectors for charging your controllers.


Sony has made sure that their controller stays the best as per their vision. Playstation 4 controllers comes with a flashy light bar which was not provided in  ps3 controllers. It’s controlling sticks are quite far from each other and it’s design makes it comfortable for users to play with them for a very long time. DualShock 4 also comes with accelerometer-based motion control which is quite better than the ps3 controller.


Playstation 4 Specification:


  1. Sony Playstaion 4 cpu comes with 8 threads that runs with a speed of 1.6ghz on a 2.75 ghz chip.
  2. It has a caching memory of 2 x2 mb


  1. It comes with AMD next generation radeon based graphic engine that provides you with lifelike gaming experience and superior interface.
  2. It’s GPU gas 8 cores that run with a clock speed of 800mhz.

               Memory and storage

  1.  It is equipped with 8bg GDDR5 ram which is clocked at a frequency of 5500mhz.
  2. it has a memory of 500 gb which is expandable upto 4TB.

Some of the uses of Playstaion 4:

1. Play variety of impressive games.

Playstation 4 comes with a high resolution interface and provides of a variety of options when it comes to it’s games. Ps4 also provides you with a Virtual Reality headset that not only gives an unrealistic experience of your favorite games, but gives a lifelike view to your favorite characters. Some of the Ps4 exclusives games like Spiderman, Last of us are never to be missed games for all gamers.

2. Enjoy various video streaming services.

This Playstaion 4 not only provides you with an incomparable gaming experience, but also gives you access to various video streaming services like netflix, amazon video, youtube, hulo and many more. So now you will not only uplift your gaming experience by buying this Ps4, but also enjoy various movies and series with your family at your home itself.


3. Enjoy music on Spotify.

Now everyone can enjoy millions of songs from Spotify while playing your favorite games. Ps4 comes with this feature for it’s users to listen to their favorite album at the time of playing games. You can change music from Spotify by linking your mobile phone on it without any need to pause your game. Sounds exciting, Right? Why don’t you try it out?

4. Share Play

Are you lazy to carry your ps4 to your friend’s place and play together? Don’t worry. Sony has taken care of everything. Developers have introduced this “Share Play” feature that enables you to play with your friend having a ps4 being at home itself. And the best part of this feature is that your friend need not compulsorily have that particular game. You can just share screen with them and can allow them to take a experience of their favorite game. You can also try out versus games with your friend.

There are lots of Playstaion 4 games that you can have fun with, but don’t miss out these exclusive games:

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