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OnePlus 8 review

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Is one plus 8 a good vlogging Camera phone?

OnePlus smartphone comes with 865 Snapdragon Processor. OnePlus 8 price is quite decent and in this smartphone, we are talking about 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM (Storage) variant, main camera 48MP + 16MP + 2MP front camera 16MP. For Me (RAVI PUROHIT) in Vlogging, you can start your blogging career with any simple camera phone, but as you grow, they are many important factors to be considered. These are some factors that I have explained properly in my YouTube video.


Wide Angle of front camera (16 MP) is important in vlogging as you may share your frame with your friends and family, so it’s important that they are properly in the frame.  But I was pretty disappointed with wide angle of OnePlus 8 but it’s good. If you use a tripod then it may make you happy about wide angle.



If you want to upgrade your blogging setup, then the first thing you must upgrade is Audio Quality.
(Audio Quality >>Video Quality)
So I’m very happy about the audio quality that OnePlus 8 records. The recorded audio is very clear and amplified. Just loved it.


First thing that your friend might check in your new phone is your smartphone’s camera and checks, do they look stylish or not. Front camera records videos at 1080p 30fps and back camera records at 1080p 30/60 fps and 4k 30/60 fps. The output provided by OnePlus 8 camera is amazing and very impressive provided by  both front and back camera. Light, colors and contrast are pretty well balanced. OnePlus 8 video quality is excellent for vlogging.


Stability in your videos is an important factor. OnePlus 8 offers amazing stability to your videos, in both front and back cameras. Your videos are stable and aesthetic, so it’s really amazing for vlogging.


How quickly your camera focuses on the objects is very important. Here OnePlus 8 mobile played the game very well. To understand how it works, you must watch the full Video provided on my YouTube channel.


OnePlus 8 mobile supports Slow-motion recording at 720p 480fps and 1080p 240fps. You can use slow-motion videos in your VLOGS to give a more cinematic view your videos.

These are some points I have mentioned about in my YouTube video. At the end, I would say that OnePlus 8 is not only good, but it’s a great Vlogging smartphone. You should definitely go for it!


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