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Morning Skincare routine

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Wet wipes for oily skin

The first thing that I like to do in the morning when I wake up is wash my face. Now I usually wash my face using a face wash, but on the days when I feel that my skin is extremely oily and it contains a lot of oil on my t zone, I like to wipe it off using a wet wipe first and for that I use this Himalayan wet wipes.

These Himalayan wet wipes include aloe Vera extracts.

Now the reason I like this wet wipes a lot is because it not only removes the excess oil, but at the same time it doesn’t dry out my skin and it hydrates my skin. So I love these Himalayan wet wipes as they are very soft and generous towards my skin.

These are affordable and they are also available in small packs as well which makes it easy for you to carry it in your bag and just use it anywhere you want. This is the first thing I use on days when I feel that I have a oily skin.

A good Facewash for clean and clear skin

The next thing that I like to wash my face with is this Khadi neem and tea tree face wash. This is a great face wash and I have been using it for the past 6 to 8 months. It says that it purifies your skin and fights against pimples and gives you glowing skin.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients;:

 It contains aloevera extract, green tea extract, lemonade extract, cinnamon bark extract and turmeric extract. All these ingredients not only fights with the bacteria, but it prevents your pimples but also detoxifies your skin. 

Now green tea is a detoxifying agent and it detoxifies your skin. All of these ingredients which are available in this Khadi face wash makes it one of the most affordable and effective face wash. You just need to apply one or two drops at a time and that is enough for your face and neck. 

When I wash my face with this Khadi neem face wash, it does not really hydrate my skin but atleast it does not leave my face excessively dry, it is just perfect and is very effective. As it cleanses my skin properly, I use it in my night routine as well as it helps to remove all my makeup and products that I have used earlier in the day and leaves my skin clear, fresh and clean.

A skin toner for your face

So the next thing that I like to do is to tone my face.

This is my most loved product and I have been using this product for almost 6 to 8 months now and this has really given me a great result. This is the Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner and it is mainly for tightening the pores and this is not only for oily skin but it works very well for normal types of skin as well. It does not dry out my skin at all but it works really well for my open pores.

I used to have a lot of open pores around and on my nose. This Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner has visibly reduced the pores and have also given my skin a clean and fresh appearance.

So what I do is after washing and drying my face is that I just Sprinkle it all over my face and let it sit over there and wait for it to get absorbed into my skin.

Vitamic C serum for reducing acne marks

The next thing that I have for you is a recent addition in my skincare routine that is the vitamin C serum. I feel that it is very important to add a Vitamin C serum in your routine because it not only keeps your skin healthy but it also helps to reduce your acne marks, reduce your pigmentation marks, build collagen and reduce your aging process. Vitamin C also helps in reducing fine lines which you get overtime with age.

The one which I use is CGG cosmetics Vitamin C serum . You just need 4 to 5 drops of this product at a time and you can apply it all over your face and your neck. This product last very longer so even if you are investing more in this Vitamin C serum, it is not only going to last you longer but also it is going to give you amazing results for your skin.

So this is one product which I feel that everyone should include in their morning skincare routine.

A Vitamin C serum is very important for your skin care and you can use it 1-2 times in a day. I personally use this cgg cosmetics vitamin C serum in my morning skincare routine as well as in my night skin care routine.

This vitamin C serum has proven me very effective and beneficial.

Using a good eye oil

Now the next thing that I like to use is for my under eye and for my eyes is this  Indulgeo eye serum. This product works really well for under eye and is very beneficial for getting rid of fine lines that you have.

 5 to 6 months back, I realized that I have started getting crows feet and I was really terrified by that. That was the time when I decided to invest into a good oil and Indulgeo eye serum is one of the best I found.

So what I like to do is that I like to take two drops of this Indulgeo eye serum on my hand and I massage it with my ring finger. Always use your ring finger because the pressure that is applied by this finger is exactly how much is required for your under eye.

This Indulgeo eye serum is not heavy on your skin and it gets absorbed very quickly. It is for sure one of the best products I have come across!

Using a good moisturizer for skin hydration

Now finally I’d like to add a moisturizer on my face. I don’t use one moisturizer and keep ordering between my moisturizers so I have like three or four moisturizers which I used on a regular basis.

But today I am going to show you my best moisturizer, the one which I have been using for a very very long time and especially during winter.

This is the Garnier wrinkle lift moisturizer anti aging cream. Now it says that it is an anti aging cream but I am not very sure how much it works as an anti aging cream but it definitely hydrates and works amazing for my skin. I have dry patches around my mouth and after using this moisturizer, I feel very comfortable and my skin feels very hydrated. This Garnier wrinkle lift moisturizer is not very greasy and heavy thus making it one of the best moisturizers I have come across recently.

Garnier wrinkle lift moisturizer is perfect for combination skin type.


During winters when my skin tend to get very dry I like to use this Earth Therapy whitening and tightening collagen night cream.

It says that it moisturizers mature skin, removes fine lines, lightens and tightens the skin and it is a collision night cream. Even though it is a night cream I like to use it in the day as well.

 Earth Therapy whitening and tightening collagen night cream is really thick in texture and  is specially for people who have dry skin. It gets absorbed in the skin very quickly.

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