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Into thin air

by cartinger21   ·  8 months ago   ·  

Into thin air is a chilling and first person description of the 1996 tragedy that happened on Mount Everest, which left 8 people dead. The author of this book- Jon Krakauer was present on the mountain during this event. He was a client of the Adventure Consultants team, which was led by a famous mountaineer Rob Hall. This is the review of the book “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.

Now the best thing I liked about Into Thin Air is that it is written in first person. So it gives you a feeling that you are almost present there when things are unfolding. This is possible because the author was present on Mount Everest when this tragedy took place.

This book starts with the author giving a brief description about the history of mount Everest and then it tells us in brief about his early life and how he got into mountaineering. The author also tells the readers about how he got once in a lifetime opportunity to climb mount Everest with Adventure Consultants team through outside magazine where he had worked.

After this, the Jon Krakauer describes his journey to the roof of the world from the very start. Everything is written in a very neat and understandable language and in a detailed manner. I personally loved how the author had paid notice to very short details and have described them in a very funny yet subtle way. The author has written all the important interactions he had with his team mates. This makes the reader feel that he is actually with the team at Mount Everest, which keeps the reader always on his feet, excited about what will happen next.


What I liked about this book is that the author along with describing his journey also describes the challenges and difficulties to be faced while climbing the mountain. In Into Thin Air book, the author gives a very detailed narration of base camp, all the camps and the summit. Through the author’s point of view, we can understand what actually happened that day on the mountain. In this book, the author also mentions about how essential safety methods are compromised by competition between two rival guide agencies to get maximum number of their clients to the summit.

So being a mountaineering fan and a big admirer of Mount Everest, I absolutely loved this book. This book has everything right from thrill to emotions. I think you will love this book if you are fascinated by mountaineering. “Into Thin Air” is not very big and is beautifully presented in well placed chapters which eases the readers to read. It might take up to 2-3 days for an average reader to complete this book. 

A must read!!!!!

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