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How to grow a beard

by cartinger21   ·  6 months ago   ·  

Beard! Some grow it with ease while some have to work hard for it. Mostly, men’s beard growth is natural and does not require much external effort. But at times, people are unable to grow facial hair naturally or not in a way they want it to grow. It leaves them with one simple question “How to grow a beard?”


Till date, beard and facial hair are never out of fashion. Sure, there have been some improvisions here and there, but they are still trendy and classy. Before we dive deep into this ‘how to grow a beard’ topic, lets first understand some benefits of having a beard.

Some benefits of having a beard are:

1) The skin on your face is very sensitive. It is easily prone to damages from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Growing a beard helps you protect your facial skin from these harmful UV rays.

2) It helps you look more mature and older than the person about the same age as of yours and is beardless.

3) Beard makes you look more classy and formal and gives an elegant touch to your personality. Studies have shown that the majority of women prefer men with a well groomed beard over men who doesn’t have a beard. (A major reason to grow a beard, right?)

4) Growing a proper beard helps to keep your face warm in winter.


Now that we know a few benefits of growing a beard, let’s now talk about how to grow a beard. Mostly, men grow beard naturally. Not a lot of external efforts are needed. But for some people who struggle with growing facial hair, or those who grow some facial hair but cannot convert it into a full beard, there are many external solutions available to help them boost their beard growth. Although there are many solutions available, one must know that for their beard to grow, genetics play a major part. If their genes do not support their beard growth, there is nothing they can do about it. But, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?



How to fix patchy beard?

Fixing a patchy beard is one of the most common and frustrating issue for beard growers. Having a patch beard basically means that your beard is not fully grown and is not well connected and comprises of some patches of hair on your face. Now what can we do about it? Is there any solution for patchy beard? Yes, there is! First of all, STOP SHAVING YOUR BEARD EVERY NOW AND THEN! If your beard is patchy, it probably needs time to grow. Proper beard growth is a time consuming process especially for the first time. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to grow a proper beard. Shaving it often won’t help in growing your beard but will slow down the process. Many people have a misconception that shaving helps in growing a beard. This is completely a myth. It is very important to keep your face clean from dust and dead skin cells.


Along with not shaving, you can try several other options like beard oils, Derma rollers, etc. Recently, beard oils have been a lot more popular. Let’s talk a bit about them in the next section.


Can Beard oil grow beard?

Well, the answer is yes to an extent. Beard oils can help fix patchy beards and make your beard thick, but it is not the only contributor here. You have to constantly take care of your face, clean it frequently to remove the dirt and dead cells. You have to be disciplined and patient to see the effects of beard oil as it usually 90 days for the beard oil to start showing some effects.


Now, what are these beard oils made up of? Almost every beard oils have different ingredients depending on what the user requires, but some of the common ingredients are jojoba oil, Argan oil and coconut oil which helps in promoting beard growth. Applying beard oil is an easy task and does not require much effort.


Some of the best beard oils are Beardo beard growth oil, USTRAA beard growth oil and Beardhood beard oil.


How to grow a full beard?

Now that we have a bit knowledge about beards and we understand what the fuss is all about, let’s focus on how to grow a beard. These are some of the tips to grow a beard.


1) Use Beard oil

Beard oil plays a major role in beard growth and is considered one of the most important external factors in beard growth. Beard oil is the perfect solution for patchy beard as it goes deep into the skin and provides proper nourishment to the hair fossils which promotes hair growth. Usually it is advised to massage beard oil on your face at night and wash it in the morning so that it has plenty of time to get absorbed. People with thin beard, wanting to make it thick can also use beard oil.


2) Proper face care

If you face is not clean and has dead skin cells on it, a proper beard growth is not possible. You have to use a good face wash every couple of days for best results. Also, use of Derma roller is recommended for those who face a problem growing facial hair on the cheeks. Derma roller helps to boost the blood circulation in the cheek area which helps in beard hair growth. Some good facewash for men are Garnier Men Facewash, NIVEA men facewash and Himalaya purifying neem facewash.


3) Adequate Sleep

For growing a proper beard, having adequate sleep is a must! If you are not sleeping properly or sleeping for like 3-4 hours daily, your body will be tired throughout the day which will affect your efforts for beard growth. One must sleep for 7-8 hours to boost his beard growth process.


4) Proper Diet

Diet plays an important role in growing facial hair. Your hair follicle needs vitamins and minerals in order to grow. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals can help in boosting your facial hair growth. Studies have shown that Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also very helpful in growing facial hair. Including fish, eggs, rice, beans in your diet has also proven beneficial for beard growth.


5) Reducing Stress

Well all know that testosterone is essential for beard growth. Taking too much stress affects the production of testosterone. Stress is also responsible in restricting the flow of vitamins to your hair follicles, which can damage your facial hair growth. So it is very important to be stress free. Deep breathing is a very good solution to reduce stress. Alternatively, you can also try meditation and yoga as they are proven methods in reducing stress. If you are still stressed, you should consult a doctor for the same.


6) Face Massage

A face massage every couple of weeks can do wonders for a person trying to grow a beard. Face massage helps in increasing the blood flow throughout the face which helps in nourishment of the hair follicles and encourages their growth. Also, face massage helps in reducing stress, which helps in boosting beard growth.

How long to grow a beard?

There are many speculations on how fast beard grows. Many people wonder how much time will it take for them to grow a thick beard. Well, the answer depends on the individual himself. It depends on a lot of factors like genetics, testosterone level, Individual’s age, etc. An individual can grow a beard in 3 months, 6 months or can also take a couple of years. But it is very important to be patient and to trust the process. One should avoid the urge of shaving frequently and should let their beard grow even when there is frequent itching. 


No matter what external efforts you take to grow a beard, it is going to take time. If you are not patient enough, there is no way you can grow a proper beard. Also, your facial hair is based on what your genetics are. Stubble, thin hair, thick hair, patchy beard, everything depends on your genes. So there is a possibility that your beard growth will be similar to that of your father or grandfather.


Also, you have to consider the fact that at times you might not be able to grow your beard the way you want. So, instead of being disappointed, you should try out other styles which will be suitable for your facial hair. There are plenty of them!


Not being able to grow a beard does not necessarily mean that you have some defects in you or that you are facing any health problems if you are otherwise healthy.


Here are some of the products that might help you boost your beard growth and to achieve the beard style of your dreams!


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