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How to get rid of your Dog’s body odor?

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Dog’s body odor is one of the most common problems for all the dog owners worldwide. No matter how much you take care of your dog, no matter how much you groom your dog, but the moment it starts to rain or when your dog gets all wet, it starts smelling bad.

The odor is still manageable if you have a big house with garden or terrace, but if you live in a flat or a compact house, this pungent smell is a matter of concern.


Reasons for bad Odor

1) Improper Grooming: If you are not very attentive towards your dog’s grooming, it can create problems. Bad grooming results in itchy sensations and other skin problems in dogs which can cause skin infections resulting to bad body odor.

2) Ear Infections: It is very important to get your dog’s ears cleaned from time to time. Ear infections in dogs can be a major issue if not paid attention to. If you get a very stinky smell from your dog’s ears, you should immediately take him to the vet.

3) Wet dog: One of the main reason for your dog’s body odor is water. Dog’s fur contains bacteria and yeast living in it. When your dog’s fur gets wet, these organic chemicals gets condensed and mixes into the air, which gives rise to a bad odor. So it is very important to keep your dog’s fur dry.

4) Gas: Passing gas is a common process in mammals. But if the gas is strong enough to clean the room, it means that your dog has eaten something nasty or is on unbalanced diet. In this case you should consult your vet for a balanced diet for your dog.

5) Dental Problems: Poor dental practices can give rise to bad breath in dogs. Poor dental habits give rise to plague in the teeth and makes the gums weaker. A tooth infection can also be the cause of bad breath.

Ways to get rid of your Dog’s body odor


1) A good bath

A good and clean bath is the first step to eliminate the bad body odor coming from your dog’s fur. It is very important for dog owners to maintain a disciplined bathing schedule for their dog and to use shampoos made especially for dogs. These shampoos are made taking into consideration dog’s bathing needs and should not be replaced but our bathing products. Shampoos like Wahl shred control shampoo, Petlogix perfect bodywash shampoo, Himalaya Erina coat cleanser have proven very beneficial and effective in reducing bad odor.


Pro tip: Use of Captain Zack The Miniature Groom Box for complete grooming and cleansing of your dog is recommended. 


2) Clean ears

It is very, very important that you get your dog’s ears inspected and cleaned regularly! Now you can do this at home by yourself too, but experts advise that this should be done by a vet if possible. If you want, you can use wet pet wipes for dogs to clean their ears at home as it is proven safe to use for your furry friend and cleans all external dirt and germs in your dog’s ears which are one of the main components contributing to a bad odor from your dog’s body.

Pro tip: Treating your dog before and after grooming helps your dog to calm down and for you to gain their confidence!

3) Good Dental Hygiene

Following a good and clean dental hygiene for your furry friend is very important! A regular dental checkup and daily cleaning of teeth can reduce the risk of built up bacteria in their teeth, which, if not cleaned form a film over the teeth called plague which causes bad breath amongst dogs. Routine dental checkup at the vet is highly recommended.

Pedigree Dentastix are clinically proven to reduce tartar in your dog’s teeth by almost 80%. These sticks are loved by dogs as they are not very hard to chew and are very tasty. They are specially designed for overall cleaning of teeth and to support gum health.

It is advisable to use toothbrushes specially made for dogs. The Pets company cleaning dental toothbrush is made up of very soft bristles which help in removing the plague from your dog’s teeth. Use it alongside Dentapaste.

Pro tip: Get this doggy teeth cleaning massager if your dog is fond of chew toys. This product will help in cleaning your dog’s teeth and also will be a fun toy!

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