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Why Fitness and health are Important?

by cartinger21   ·  6 months ago   ·  

Everyone today place a huge emphasis on fitness and health. Fitness is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. But have you ever given a thought about why fitness is exactly important? Fitness has tons of benefits for every individual. Today, people have a false perception that fitness is important only for physical appearance. Being fit is not only considered important for physical fitness, but it is equally important for mental and emotional health.



Every individual should consider health and fitness as an important component of their life. Fitness is an important parameter for maintaining your health. You can either go to a gym, or order eqipments at home and many more for keeping yourself fit. A fit body and mind not only provides you with good stamina for your day to day activities, but also boosts your confidence to face the world. Everyone in the world are engaged in large number of activity at a faster pace. Time is very crucial in modern time, and in order to keep up with the current pace, fitness is important. 


Everyone can desire to have a fit lifestyle. You just need to dedicate few hours of your day and follow your diet plan with strict discipline. There can be several ways for keeping yourself fit. Some of them are as follows:


1. Ensure regular exercise

2. Have a clean and a healthy diet

3.  Try getting a proper sleep of around 6 to 8 hours.

4. Early morning yoga.

5. Have plenty of water 

6. And many more.


A small example will help you to understand the benefits of being a fit person. Suppose an individual denies to take their health and fitness into consideration and leads a lazy, unhealthy life without any control over his/her diet. That individual keeps on consuming fatty, unhealthy food and is reluctant to go through any physical exercise. That individual will end up being obese and that has a huge impact over their life. See being obese is not wrong or something that is negative in anyone’s perception, but obese body comes with lot of unwanted difficulties in life. That individual soon may end up with joint pains, feeling of being inactive throughout their regular schedule, fall of confidence, unwanted health issues and any more. So nothing is right or wrong over here, but it’s an individual’s choice to decide the quality of lifestyle he/she decides to carry in their life.


A lot of youngsters today live in an illusion that fitness is something that can be achieved overnight. NO, that’s totally not true. First you need to have a clear mind and focused approach towards your goal. You need to have that courage and patience to wait and trust your dedicated efforts for achieving your goals. Keep yourself motivated with a mindset of having a healthy lifestyle and always remember it’s all about the first step you take to enter the world of fitness. Once you start seeing little results, fitness and health will become your first priority. The process takes a little time, but the wait is worth it.


 Following are the exact reasons because of which every individual today should consider their health and fitness important and include in their daily regime.

1. Keeping your body physically fit

Fitness and health are considered very important for keeping your body physically fit. Many people live in a false perception that being physically fit means to have big, huge muscles. That’s absolutely not true, to an extent. Being physically fit means you must have adequate stamina, strength and agility to carry out your daily work. You must be capable enough to carry each and every activity you are involved in your daily schedule with ease. You must not be lazy and unfit for doing any activity, especially at your young age.


2. Avoid many health problems

Look at the above picture, would you prefer going to a doctor every time regarding your health or would you rather choose to start taking care of your health by taking fitness as an important part of your life? Fitness provides lots of benefits to your body. Firstly, it maintains your body weight to a level whereby you are physically and mentally fit to carry out any activity. Secondly, fitness is extremely important to keep your heart healthy. Physical exercise ensure increase of blood circulation in your body. The increased blood circulation helps to increase the level of oxygen. So hereby being fit and healthy helps you to avoid the risk of many heart related diseases. Also being fit aids you to strengthen your muscles and bones. So, it’s all on you to decide which way of life you want to opt for.


3. Mental Fitness

Today physical fitness is as much important as mental fitness. Fitness and healthy lifestyle are an ultimate solution for every mental issues. People today go through lots of mental issues. Some of  them are depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, feeling of being demotivated etc. Fitness can be an all time solution for the above mentioned issues. Fitness has a contribution to refresh your mood and keep your mind relaxed. Also the praises you get as a result of your dedication to fitness will greatly help you to boost your self confidence and ability to face the world. Your dedication towards fitness will keep your body and mind away from every kind of negative thoughts, therefore helping you to gain a positive approach towards your life. So fitness and health are very important for your mental health and also for physical health. As it is rightly said, ” Health is wealth”.


4. Helps to get adequate sleep

keeping your body and mind fit through regular exercise can help you to have adequate hours of sleep. Many people go through sleeping problems and regular exercise can be a solution for it. Regular exercise makes your body tired and hence facilitates you to have a deep and better sleep. Sufficient sleep is of utmost importance has it is really necessary to keep your body active throughout your entire day. So improper sleep should not be ignored and if you go through any such situations, keeping yourself fit and healthy and therefore it will help you get rid of such situations.


5.Get rid of smoking

Smoking comes with lots of disadvantages. In the name of addiction it totally destroys your lungs and has a huge impact over your heart. But what fitness has to do over here? When any individual beings to change their life, as in when they start working out, they will themselves realize the level of damage smoking has done over their stamina. They will be easily exhausted while working out. They will have to go through lots of efforts for doing any activity and soon they’ll be ashamed of what they have done to their body for smoking. This will help them to end their smoking activities. And as it has always been said, it’s all about ” Self Realization”. Many people have questions on how to increase stamina? Well, stop smoking!

So, by now everyone must be well versed about the importance of fitness and health in your life and we hope this blog would motivate you to take your first step towards self development.

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