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Does your diet insufficiency stop you from achieving your dream physique? Does your lack of fitness knowledge acts as a big barrier for achieving your fitness goals? Well, all your problems end here at FITBITE as me, Yash Kadam as a YouTuber will make  sure that you get a perfect diet for all kinds of body transformation. At Fitbite you’ll get a view about variety of healthy food dishes to be included in your diet that are very much easier to prepare provided by proper preparation and direction in each and every video provided. Fitbite will also provide you with different healthy food options that should be included under your pre and post workout meal. This Fitbite channel has been made by me with a mission to ensure that every fitness enthusiast around the world should have access to a diet that are quite efficient and effective for their transformation within an economical cost.


FITBITE will not only provide you with a very effective healthy meal option, but it will also provide you with tons of information that will be very beneficial for achieving your fitness goals. One of the most fascinating part about my channel is that it  provides you with many variations of workout according to each and every body muscle. At Fitbite you’ll find different types of a workout based on 100% knowledge that can be easily applied to your workout schedule for an astonishing body transformation.


Some of the “BEST” home gym workout equipments are:


Top Home Gym Workout Equipments

1.Kobo Imported Home Gym Excercise Dumbbell

These Kobo Hexagonal Dumbbell are one of the best equipment for home gym workout out there as these dumbbells come with a rubber coating from outside and metal coating from inside making it suitable for rough use. Also these dumbbells provide you with superior grip making sure that your dumbbells do not slip during intense workout. Also these dumbbells are resistant to rusting and losing colour making it one of the best dumbbells out there. And these dumbbells are available in different sizes as per your requirement.

2. Protoner PVC Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you are Beginner and looking for an effective set of dumbbell within an economical cost, then this Protoner PVC adjustable dumbbell set would be quite perfect for you as it provides you with 4 PVC plates and 2 dumbbell rods within a limited budget. These plates are easy to use and comes with a comfortable grip. So all Beginners out here, this muscle builder will be perfect for you to enhance your workout level thereby achieving your fitness goals.


3. Cockatoo Olympic Weight Plates for Home/Gym

These Cockatoo Olympic Weight Plates of superior quality has been specially handpicked for you as these plates come with a rubber coating from outside and metal coating from inside thereby ensuring it doesn’t break off easily during intense workout or rough use.The best part about these plates are that they are suitable for both home and gym workouts. Along with this, these plates are impact resistant and comes in different size and weights. So what are you waiting for?

4. Cockatoo 7 Feet Straight Bar

Looking for an effective Rod? Then this Cockatoo 7 Feet Straight Bar carefully handpicked for you will be excellent for you as you can easily do Deadlift, Shoulder overhead press, Squats and many more intense workouts being at home itself. This rod is made up of quality materials and are suitable for both home/gym workout. So all Fitness enthusiast, don’t make your work or any other reason stop you from achieving your fitness goals by buying this super efficient Cockatoo straight Bar.

So Everyone, if you want give a jump start to your workout schedule and want to know more about fitness, nutrition, workouts in details, kindly click on the following button. I would definitely love to help you out in the most effective manner.

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