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F-Word Book

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Author: Shreyas Mogal  

The F-Word Book is a narration of the life of Aaron Milford, a nervous wreck, as he lives the ups and downs in his journey, overcoming his fears and haunting experiences. Introverted, bullied and scared for most of his childhood and teenage years, Aaron finds himself an escape from the tumultuous world. However, as fate would have it, the escape leads to some of his most remarkable moments as well as the most devastating ones. Amidst the slogans of gender equality, LGBT movements and oppression, the discrimination still continues. The novella focusing on oppression, homosexuality, mental health and the significance of art portrayed through the eyes of Milford.

According to a scientific controversy, the human brain stays alive for 7-10 minutes after a person’s death and in that time, it replays all the significant events lived in the person’s life. The F-Word Book narrates the life of Aaron Milford in 7-10 minutes after his death. While professional success is crucial to lead a satisfying life, your social life plays an equally significant role. To quote from the book, ‘You may climb the top of a mountain and say the view was worth it. But don’t you want someone to hold your hand as you enjoy the view? I’d settle at a cliff with you, than be alone at the top.’ Aaron, the protagonist, has been weak, under-confident and nervous for all his life. He struggled to make friends growing up and ended up being bullied most of the time.

In the midst of his upheaval, he resorts to painting to get away from the world. He settles in his own little world created by masterstrokes on his canvas. Along the way, he realizes that he is a homosexual. However, his orthodox parents fail to accept him and he leaves the house. The novella further follows his life as he dwells in his professional artistic success while being discriminated for being a homosexual. He considers his two best friends to be the ones building a pedestal for him stand on and support him throughout his life.

Along with numerous Easter eggs, The F-Word is a captivating read with a gripping narration by the author, Shreyas Mogal. The F- Word book was primarily written to raise awareness about homosexuality, oppression, mental health and the significance of art. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community is still discriminated against around the world, despite the slogans and social media content we go through. It is a sad world to live in when some of our fellow humans live in denial of their own sexuality or decide to not open up about it. No person must live in fear or self-doubt. Mental health is as important as physical health and while we eat healthy and exercise to maintain our physical health, what measures do we take to keep our minds fit? We need to grow beyond our impediments of sex, religion, caste and race.

About the Author

Professionally, Shreyas Mogal is a 21-year old Instrumentation Engineer based in Mumbai, but he has a certain knack for literary skills. Currently, he is the Marketing Manager for SimuRise Learning. He writes poems, blogs, short stories, flash fictions, technical articles, marketing content and web content. In 2018, his first work was published under Kindle Direct Publishing. ‘The F-Word’, a short fiction novella revolved around bullying and oppression, mental health, homosexuality, and art. In the following year, Shreyas co-authored a non-fiction named ‘A Book A Week’ with Rupak Shah, co-founder of LearnAur. Shreyas has also edited a biographic non-fiction, a poetry book and a handful of technical articles and scripts. He co-founded Sonje Media, a digital marketing start-up and is the Chief Operating Officer. He has been a part of the editorial team in his college for three years. He began as an editor and worked his way up to be the Editor-in-Chief for the student section of International Society of Automation. Apart from his technical and literary background, Shreyas also writes scripts for LearnAur, plays the keyboard and likes to write music.


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