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Best watches for Men- Casual wear

by cartinger21   ·  7 months ago   ·  

Watches play an important part in everyone’s life. Mainly it is important to have a quick view over time. Wrist watches are considered very convenient when it comes to seeking time while driving or while attending a meeting.  But why it has been given so much importance when it comes to fashion? wrist watches today are considered as something that brings a charm to your attire. It depicts a sense of class that an individual’s personality carries. There are only few things available for a man to decorate his hand. They are as follows:

1. A bracelet

2. A wedding ring

3. A cuff link

4. A wrist watch


Out of the options provided, watches are an option that cannot be ignored by any individual as of modern times watches are elegantly designed with perfection to bring a sense of magnetism to your personality. Watches indicates a pure sense of style that a man carries with him. A good watch is classy and eye catching for a man when it comes to fashion.

Wrist watches are a completion element of your attire. Watches speak a lot about a man’s personality. It depicts the alluring choice a man has because of the elegance a wrist watch carries. Combine a wrist watch with a suitable attire and you will walk around with a look like never before.

There are different types of watches available in a market.  But you cannot just wear any watch for any occasion. Every watch is suitable to your attire as per the occasion. The following example will explain the point- You cannot expect a extremely formal watch to go with a casual tee shirt and shorts. Also, you cannot wear a casual watch to an office as it will totally ruin up your formal attire. So depending upon your need and situation, a watch is suitable to bring a mark of fashion to your attire.


Are you looking for some of the best watches for men? Don’t worry. Following are some of the best w watches for men available in the market that will uplift your casual look.


1.Scuderia Ferrari Red Rev Series 1

 Scuderia Ferrari Red Series 1 watch comes with a classic black dial and a stylish black band with an iconic ferrari logo. It’s black and white combination makes this watch wearable on all casual outfits. This stylish watch comes with the trust of ” Ferrari” about which everyone are aware about. Scuderia Ferrari watch is water resistant up to 30 meters and comes with a 2 years international warranty. Ferrari watches are some of the best watches for men that everyone must definitely give it a try as it comes within 10000 INR and is something that completes your casual attire. So now you can walk out in style within an affordable budget.


2) Casio G shock analog dial watch

 Known for utmost toughness, this G shock watch is one of the best watch for men to uplift casual look as it comes with a very highly appealing camouflage pattern. At the cost at which it provides this watch in the market, it provides lots of features to the users. Firstly, they are water resistant up to 200 meters and it provides world time in it’s analog that includes time of around 48 cities. It comes with a battery life of 2 years and along with that they are shock and magnetic resistant. This watch is also suitable for travelers as it provides you with an accurate compass. And it’s outer body provided with a camouflage pattern provides a fashionable touch to your casual attire. With so many features provided within 10000 INR, what are you waiting for?


3.Armani Exchange Hampton Stainless Steel Watch

This Armani exchange stainless steel watch comes with a premium black dial and steel band and goes with maximum of your casual outfit. Although this Armani watch may sound a bit costly, but it’s highly premium look and perfectly designed body makes it a best value for money watch. Even though many people recommend this watch for a formal attire, but it’s bold and elegant appearance makes it suitable for casual outfit too. The best part about this watch is that once you combine this wrist watch with a casual attire, it creates a eye catching effect over your hand and thereby depicts your stylish personality to everyone. Watches do speak a lot about your personality and this Armani watch would be perfect to give a modish touch to your casual attire. A Perfect watch to highlight your watch collection.

4. Tommy Hilfiger watch

This Tommy Hilfiger watch for men comes with simple yet a smart body designed with perfection. It’s black and grey combination would make people irresistible from asking about this watch. This is a tachymeter watch and is water resistant up to 50 meters. Try out these best watches for men  on a polo tee shirt and shorts along with a slip on shoe and you’ll walk around with an appearance like never before.

5. Scuderia Ferrari Red Rev Series 2

Scuderia Ferrari Red Rev Series 2 watch comes with an eye pleasing blue and white combination. This watch has an highly modish appearance and is one of the perfect watch to carry your casual outfit to perfection. This Scuderia Ferrari watch is water resistant up to 30 meters comes within a suitable price range. Be it a vacation or a social gathering, this Scuderia Ferrari watch will help you to highlight your casual look. So be the most trendy guy out there by trying out this smart Ferrari watch.


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