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Best Petcare websites in India

by cartinger21   ·  8 months ago   ·  

In the past 5 years, India has emerged as one of the top countries with pet animals. In 2020, there are about 20 million pet animals in India. This has given rise to a tremendous pet market of approximately $430 million and is growing rapidly. Recently, it has been observed that many people seek help online to their many queries regarding their pet dogs, cats etc.


There are many Indian based websites who provide a lot of helpful information on petcare which is cherished by many pet owners. So, here are my top 10 Petcare websites in India.


1) Loyal Pet Zone

Loyal Pet Zone is an amazing website dedicated to pet supplies. It sells almost all pet related products ranging from pet collars, pet food to pet supplies and medicines. All the products are beautifully divided into sections and categories according to your pet’s breed, age and body coat type (for shampoos and conditioners). 


Loyal Pet store also has a blog section where they have various informative blogs regarding pets which may be of a great use for pet owners. Most of the blogs are regarding what food is suitable for your pets and also how to select proper food for your pets based on their requirements.


They deliver their products throughout India and are very trustworthy.


2) Damsel and Angel

Damsel and Angel is one example of a simple petcare website with great content in the form of blogs. This website has really great blogs on dogs which are worth a read. Most of the blogs are on daily issues or questions a dog owner faces like which dog is the best or which dog lives the longest etc. 


The best thing about this website is that they review many dog products ranging from dog collars to dog food. Also, if you own a Golden retriever or if you want some information specifically on Golden retrievers, this is one of the best petcare websites to come across. Also, if you wish to learn a thing or two about how to train a dog, they have blogs on it too!


VOSD is one of the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary and hospital, with 8000+ life critical rescues and hundreds of dogs”


You will be mesmerized by the amount of social work they have done especially for stray dogs. VOSD runs various campaigns with a motive to help stray dogs and also offer various grants to various NGO’s as well as individuals who have a motive to make this world a better place for strays. You can also surrender all kinds of dogs to them, may it be a pet dog, stray dog, rescued dog etc and they will help find an adopter for those dogs. 


If you wish to donate any certain amount to them so that they can continue this noble work, they have a donate button on their website. Also, if you always wanted to do something for strays, but wondered how to help stray dogs, VOSD lets you volunteer too!



4) Dog with blog

Although not a great website with respect to design, Dog with blog is a petcare website with a great amount of quality content. Dog with blog is a very simple website with very informative blogs about dog food, vaccinations, dog adoption and may more. The best thing about this website is that they have provided infographs along with content which makes the blog look good and also easy to understand for its readers.


You can also contact them if you want to adopt a dog.


5) Dog Spot

One of the most popular pet website in India, Dog spot is an all in one solution for all of your pet’s needs. Dog spot is a properly crafted pet supplies store which provides all necessary supplies for pets like dogs, cats, birds and fish. The best thing about this website is that they have a section where they give out information about almost all dog breeds. This is very useful for people who wish to own a dog in the future and are having a very hard time deciding which dog to get.


They also have complete information about veterinarians, dog groomers, dog trainers etc and how to contact them. So you can choose according to your requirement and your location. Also if you want more information about pets, you can read it in their blog section.


They received investment from Mr Ratan Tata which is a huge achievement.

6) Petsworld

Petsworld is another example of a pet supplies store. They sell everything ranging from pet food to treats and chews to pet healthcare products. They give the buyer the liberty to shop by brand and even to shop by the breed (for dog). 


You can buy items for dogs, cats, fishes, birds and also for small pets like rabbit. Overall a good website with adequate features, petsworld is truly an emerging online pet shop & pet supplies store in India.

7) Pawshbox

The best thing I like about Pawshbox is the way they present their website and pet products. A beautifully crafted website, easy to use, Pawshbox is one of the emerging pet supplies online store in India. They have a variety of products for dogs and cats ranging from their food, treats to their collars and beds. Pawshbox also gives you the option to shop by your desirable pet brand.


One of the best thing I liked about their pet website is their ‘Pet Food Calculator’. For this, you simply have to insert your pet’s name, age, weight and breed and they will calculate the required feeding quantity of pet food for your pet along with the daily feeding cost. Pawshbox also recommends you which pet food products to use and accordingly calculates the feeding quantity and daily cost. Sounds awesome right!


8) Lanapaws

If you are looking for something cool and out of the box for your dog, Lanapaws is the right place for you! Lanapaws has some of the best products for dogs like dog bandanas, dog scarfs, dog bow ties and also very creative dog beds and blankets. And guess what! You can also order personalized mats and blankets as well as custom bandanas for your pet dog.


Another thing I like about this website is their blog. Lanapaws has many informative blogs on dogs which are written in a simple and easy to read manner and are worth reading for all pet lovers and owners.

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