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Best Dry food for Dogs

by cartinger21   ·  9 months ago   ·  

What do you mean by Dry food?

Every pet parent knows that their dogs absolutely love dry food! But what is dry food? As the name suggests, dry food comes with very little or almost no water in it. It comes in various shapes and sizes as well as colors. The benefit of dry food is that you can measure it easily. It gives you a great advantage when you are making a proper balanced diet for your dog. Also it is very easy to store dry food compared to wet food. And above all, it is loved by your furry friend!



Why is balanced food important for dogs?

If you ask any dog owner, their dog is just like their baby. It is very important for every dog parent to provide their dogs with a good quality and balanced food. Dogs are in general very active mammals, may it be running in the open, playing with you, dogs are always very energetic. To keep up with this energy, it is important to feed them with well-balanced food. So, we will look at some of the most popular and used dry food for dogs.

1) Pedigree dry food



One of the most popular brand in the pet food industry, Pedigree provides a wide range of food for your dog. It takes care of your pet’s nutritional needs and comes in various flavors. Pedigree has some of the best dry food for dogs in the whole pet food market.

1) Ingredients: The key ingredients in Pedigree dry food are chicken, milk and vegetables. These are the ingredients that are very important for a dog’s mental as well as physical growth. Some of the other ingredients are soya bean oil and soya bean meal, cereal and its by-products, carrot powder, pea powder, meat and its by-products and many more. This Pedigree Adult dry dog food comes with the goodness of 20% crude protein, 10% crude fat and 5% crude fiber which is essential for the muscle growth of dogs.


2) How to feed: You can feed your dog this Pedigree adult dry food either all by itself or by mixing it with gravy. It is advisable to mix it with gravy as it will provide a great taste to your dog and will not leave its mouth completely dry. Always keep water with food so that your dog is hydrated.

3) How much to feed: If you are new to this Pedigree dog food, do not switch completely from your previous food. Switch slowly in proportions as shown below:

Feed your dog according to its weight and body type.

2) Royal Canin Maxi Adult



Royal Canin Maxi adult aims at providing the best quality dry food for dogs and not compromising the quality for price. Royal Canin Maxi is loved by dogs who are very active in their day to day life and are always in need of essential nutrients.

1) Ingredients: Royal Canin maxi adult comes with Maize, dehydrated poultry protein, maize flour, animal fats, beet pulp, maize gluten, minerals, fish oil, soya oil, yeasts and many other essential ingredients which helps in making it a complete and well balanced food for your dog. It consists of: Protein: 26% – Fat content: 17% – Crude ash: 6.3% – Crude fiber: 1.2% – Per kg.

2) Benefits: This product is highly digestible and is made up of  high quality protein and dietary fiber. It is noticed that the bones of larger breeds are under stress due to their body weight. Royal Canin maxi helps to support the bones and joints. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin.

3) How to feed: It is advisable to mix this food with gravy if your dog is not used to eating dry food. Once your dog is okay with having dry food, you can make portions according to your dog’s diet and feed him along with water. (Always make sure your dog is hydrated.)

4) How much to feed: You can feed Royal Canin Maxi Adult to your dog according to his weight and activity. Refer to the chart below:

3) Drools Adult Dog Food

Drools Adult dog food is created taking into consideration your dog’s health and nutritional needs. This product comes with mouth watering taste and is loved by dogs of almost all breeds. This product helps to maintain your pet’s health and longevity.

.1) Ingredients: Drools adult dog food contains two main ingredients: chicken and egg. This product is made up of real chicken, which helps in maintaining your dog’s muscle health. Some other ingredients included are rice, corn, fish oil, wheat, soya refined oil, corn oil etc. It comes with 24% protein (min), 10% fat (min), 2.5% crude fiber (max) and 10% moisture (max).


2) Benefits: Drools adult dog food is made up of top quality raw materials and is very beneficial for your dog’s health. This product is designed for all breeds of dogs for their overall development. It is a highly digestible product and helps to control tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. It also helps to maintain joint health and also promotes healthy coat.

3) How to feed: It is advisable to shift your dog from other food products to drools adult dog food slowly. Mix it up with gravy for tasty results. Always make sure that your dog has enough water to drink while having food.

4)How much to feed: IF you are new to drools adult dog food, we suggest you to switch to it in then way explained below

Feed your dog according to its weight and its type of breed. Follow the chart given below for detailed instructions: 

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