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Review: Apple watch Series 6

by cartinger21   ·  8 months ago   ·  

Similar to last year, there is no doubt that this year’s Apple watch series 6 is one of the best smart watch in the industry with a huge margin. The best part about Apple watch series 6 is that apple didn’t change anything major, it still looks and feels like the Apple watch series 5 which is actually a good thing. The Apple watch series 6 packs some minor upgrade over the Apple watch series 5. For most of the people, the upgrade might be unnecessary as Apple didn’t change the overall look and feel of the watch. The main upgrade Apple has brought to the table is the feature: blood oxygen monitoring system.

The Apple watch series 6 price in India starts from ₹ 40,900 which is not a bad option, as it is offering a lot of features for the price it charges.

1) Design

The design is mostly the same, which is okay. Frankly speaking, the watch looks and feel the same as the Apple watch series 5 or Apple watch series 4. The series 6 looks same as series 5, but it’s slightly thinner at 10.4mm compared to the Series 5’s 10.74mm, but personally, I don’t think anyone will be able to tell apart the size difference.

There are two new colors Apple have released this year which are: Blue aluminum and product Red aluminum. Apple also sells stainless steel and titanium models which are a bit costly, but it is okay as they give a more enhanced feel to the user.

Apple has also introduced its new ‘solo loop band’, which is first in its class. The concept is quite interesting and simple, the new solo loop is made up of silicon which has no clips or buckles. You simply stretch the band over your wrist and as long as you’ve measured your wrist properly and ordered the correct size, it should fit properly and firmly.

2) Hardware updates

The display is a Retina OLED, which is same as the display in series 5. It gets pretty bright when outdoors and Apple even claims that it is 2.5x times brighter than series 5. Apple watch series 6 comes with an ‘always on’ display, which I think is truly great.


About the ‘always on’ display, Apple watch series 6 actually lets you interact with the notifications and some controls in the ‘wrist down’ state without completely turning on the entire display, which makes the usage more comfortable.


In Watch OS 7, Apple disabled the Force touch service, so keep that in mind. Apple watch series 6 has a slightly faster charging time as compared to the older series. It takes about two hours to get charged completely, while the series 5 gets charged up to 80% in 2 hours. I personally think that’s fairly minor bump, as most people won’t be able to notice it. The watch OS 7 comes with a new sleep tracking feature which I think is a great feature by Apple.

3) Blood oxygen monitoring

The key update or feature in Apple watch series 6 is the addition of a new pulse Oximeter. You can use the SpO2 sensor to spot-check your blood oxygen percentage throughout the day or use it at night while you track your sleep. Since the series 6 sensor is not a medical device, it’s not going to be that helpful as compared to other wearable’s.

This blood oxygen monitoring system works in two ways. First, you can measure your blood oxygen level manually. To do so, you need to rest your arm on a flat surface for 15 seconds while it takes your reading. Make sure the watch is quite snug and placed correctly above your wrist. It is not as accurate as an actual blood oxygen tracking device and sometimes it’s a hit or miss situation, but it is not bad either and gives some decent results.

The second way the monitor works is that it tries to read your blood oxygen in the background while you are sleeping or in general throughout the day. Apple claims that their blood oxygen monitoring is just a “wellness feature” and it is not meant to be used as medical diagnostics, and it is not seeking any sort of FDA clearance as well.

If you are a person who likes to study new technology, or if you happen to be high-altitude endurance runner who’s into self-statistics, then you might find it useful. Other than that, I don’t think you will get anything out of this sensor.

4) Watch OS 7

The main software update you will find on Apple watch Series 6 is that it comes with watch OS 7. The thing is that the upgrade is minimal and older watches will also be getting this update.

The new features which watch OS 7 provides are:

1) Siri has included on-device dictation.

2) Family setup is now introduced.

3) Google maps are finally back on Apple watch!

4) A lot of new apps are being added to the Apple store specially for Apple watches.


5) Verdict

Yet again, Apple has shown why it has been the undisputed champion in this industry when it comes to smartphones, smart watches, airpods etc. It’s simply the best smart watch you can buy. If you are low on your budget or you are not in a real need of so many features, you can go for Apple watch SE or the previous Apple watch series.


If you are new to Apple watch and you are not low on budget, Apple watch series 6 is the best option you can go with. Also, if you are a professional athlete, this might be the perfect smart watch for you. In my opinion, this is one of the best smartwatch in the market till date.


To all Apple watch lovers in India, you can buy Apple watch series 6 from amazon and also through Apple’s official website.

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